Age Verifier MODEL 2000E-5

Model 2000E-5 PDF-417 2D Barcode Driver's License and ID Reader for PCs:

ID Checker Age Verifier 2005_EThe Model 2000E-5 reads all valid US driver's licenses and ID Cards encoded with PDF-417 2D Barcodes. Airports, hotels, nightclubs, restaurant, banks, check cashing facilities, etc. can now have electronic ID reading with one small add-on unit.

Standard Product Features:

High Performance 2 Dimensional (PDF 417) Bar Code Reading. Small Footprint for Ease of use in all Checkout, Front End and Security sensitive Environments. Unique, Breakthrough 2D Barcode Reading Technology. Easy Operation, Simply insert and remove the 2D Encoded ID Card. Simple RS -232 output is easily integrated into most software applications.

Affordable Electronic Age Verification (EAV):

As more states and Federal Agencies standardize on the use of 2D Barcode as a method of encoding data on Drivers Licenses and other forms of ID, it is imperative that a reliable, low cost method of reading the code be available. The inherent advantages of 2D Barcode make the ability to efficiently read 2D Barcode not only desirable, but also mandatory for applications requiring Age Verification, ID Validation and Security. The Model 2000E-5 additionally provides the reading of 2D Barcode Driver's Licenses and ID cards through the transition phase as magnetic stripe cards are replaced with 2D Barcode versions.

Breakthrough Technology in 2D Barcode Reading:

The Model 2000E-5 2D Bar Code Reader provides a reliable and affordable business solution for Age Verification while concurrently reducing the risk inherent in face-to-face transactions. The STI Model 2000E-5 reader provides a reliable, low cost method of Age Verification, ID Checking utilizing the benefits provided by the 2D Barcode. For those who already have a Magnetic Stripe Age Verifier, this model becomes a solution for the long term as the 2D Barcode evolves to become a national standard for Drivers License and ID card data encoding. The Model 2000E-5 incorporates breakthrough technology and revolutionary decode firmware and the PC AV Windows® - based Age Verification Software both designed and developed to provide a 2D Bar Code reader with unsurpassed performance, ease of use and a price that is competitive with any product available in the market today.

The Result -High Performance Accurate Reads AND Ease of Use for PDF-417 2D Barcodes:

The Model 2000E-5 provides the ability to add high performance 2D Barcode reading and Age Verification capability today at a truly affordable price thereby gaining protection for the retailer against potential infractions in age-restricted sales to minors. With the addition of the Model 2000E-5 the merchant can have a comprehensive Electronic Age Verification (EAV) capability today that is both affordable and long term. Additionally the Model 2000E-5 provides high-reliability. There are simply no moving parts or motors to break or fail. The only movement required for the Model 2000E-5 is from the person's hand that inserts and removes the 2D PDF-417 - encoded card.

The 2000E-5 System consists of 2 main elements:

  1. A resident PC program that accepts data contained on driver's licenses and ID cards that follow AAMVA published Standards and many other state's driver's licenses that do not follow the Standards. This data is then processed to perform a number of actions discussed in detail in the User's Guide.
  2. The second element consists of the 2000E-5 reader that captures the encoded data encoded in the PDF-417 2D bar code data. This device is discussed in detail in our PC Based Driver's License/ID Card Reader System User's Guide.

Performance Characteristics:

Barcode Decoder: Two Dimensional-PDF-417, Code 39, Code 128.
Manual Insertion of Driver's License or ID Card.
Interface Models: 2000E-5/1 (RS-232C Serial Port) and 2000E-5/2 (USB)
Power Requirements 36 ma @ 5VDC -Idle; 400 ma Maximum

Physical Characteristics:

Dimensions 2.25" H x 1.76" W x 4.79" D
Weight 170 grams (6.0 oz)
Card Size ISO Standard Size 2.125" (53.98 mm) x 3.375" (85.73 mm)
Housing ABS plastic in Black or OEM color

User Environment:

Operating Temperature 32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C)
Humidity 10% to 90%, non-condensing

PC Program Function:

The program is automatically loaded when the PC is powered ON. It remains resident and is activated when it receives and detects a driver's license has been read and transmitted to either the PC serial port, or, in other cases, to a USB port.

  1. It reads the Birth Date and Expiration Date encoded on a driver's license and compares the data to the PC clock settings.
  2. It controls the display to indicate the Age and License validity.
  3. It stores the records representing cards read for the creation of a Database.txt file to be used to record all drivers' licenses and/or ID cards read. Three other files can be generated. One would create an edited record file. The second captures a complete record of all card read, including duplicate records. The third is a CSV File that can be used for multiple purposes. This is covered in more detail in our PC AV User's Guide.

Selecting an Age Verifier

Model 2000E-5 Age Verifier w/USB $595


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