The Augusta EMV L1-L2 Chip and MagStripe Reader

The Augusta, an EMV L1-L2 Chip and MagStripe Reader

EMV L1-L2 Chip and MagStripe Reader


* Encryption capable 3-track MagStripe swiper and ICC reader

* ICC reader that is EMV L1 certified and hosts the Common L2 kernel

* Visual and audible feedback to signal good/bad card reads, etc

* TDES and AES encryption algorithm for MagStripe and contact EMV output

* Supports ID TECH standard TR31 (and optional TR34) based Remote Key Injection

Smooth Transition:

The Augusta is a secure EMV chip and magnetic stripe reader that is specifically designed to offer retailers a simple upgrade path to EMV from traditional desktop magnetic stripe readers. This reader is able to provide superior reading performance while also encrypting sensitive magnetic stripe and EMV data. With all data encrypted, the Augusta can participate in end-to-end solutions reducing the risk of data compromises.

EMV/Universal SDK:

This reader has been designed to use the Common L2 Kernel and can be utilized with the Universal SDK. By using the Universal SDK, coding efforts to the Augusta and other Common L2 products is greatly reduced. 

Easy To Use:

The Augusta is very user friendly and reliable. It is available in USB-HID configuration and uses common HID drivers. Beepers, LEDs and bidirectional communication make interacting with the unit very intuitive. The location of the mounting holes makes it easy to mount to any previous MiniMag II or SecuRED mounting bracket. The Augusta is able to support 1,000,000 magnetic stripe operations or 500,000 EMV transactions.

EMV L1-L2 Chip and MagStripe Reader Specs



EMV L1-L2 Chip & MagStripe Reader


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