Bartender In-A-Box

ID Checker With Age Verification Software 

Includes Mag Stripe & PDF-417 2D Bar Code Reader

Bartender In-a-Box (Magnetic Stripe Card and PDF-417 2D Slot Readers with storage)


Age Verifier

Comprehensive Solutions for Age Verification

Bartender In-a-Box | Age Verification is an effective way for bars and restaurants to
determine the legal age of patrons. This age verification package is an ‘all-in-one’
solution that will quickly read and store the data encoded in bar codes and magnetic
stripes from any state issued driver license, identification card, or military ID. Once an ID
is ‘scanned’ or ‘swiped’, the identification card holder’s name and age is viewed on the
display screen. Additional benefits include:

* Alarm will sound if patron is underage
* Vibration feedback for noisy environments
* Data is time-stamped using an internal real-time clock
* Date is protected and automatically deleted after 7-days
* No PC or manual management of data required.

Ensure your bar or restaurant is only serving to patrons of legal age


* Code Reader 3500™
* Charging Base and
* Mag Stripe Reader
* Protective Nylon
* Case Cover

Selecting an Age Verifier



Bartender In-a-Box Age Verifier



Other Age Verifier Models - ID Checkers

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