Econoscan CCD Bar Code Scanner

CCD Bar Code Scanner

Scans and decodes bar codes.
B&C's CCD Bar Code Scanners are specially designed for heavy-use environments where other forms of scanning are impractical. Scanners are available in both decoded and undecoded versions, with decoded scanners utilizing our famous "on the fly" decoding technology.

High-speed contact scanning.
B&C CCD Bar Code Scanners provide quick contact scanning of bar codes up to 3.2 inches in length. At a scan rate of 50 scans per second, low-quality or damaged bar codes, as well as small or high-density bar codes, can be read with exceptional speed and accuracy.

Ergonomic and lightweight.
Rugged CCD Bar Code Scanners from B&C contain no moving parts, yet are exceptionally lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in the hand for extended periods of usage. The cable is detachable for easy replacement or the use of multiple interfaces.

Economical non-contact scanning.
For non-contact environments, or for larger bar codes, both the decoded and undecoded models are available in "long range" versions. Bar codes of up to 5.7 inches can be scanned at a distance of 4 inches for an economical alternative to laser scanning. Shorter, less dense bar codes can be scanned at a distance of up to 5 inches.

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Econoscan Hand Held Barcode Scanner

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