LK5000 Klaser Programmable POS Keyboards

LK5000 Klaser Programmable POS Keyboards
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The LK5000 is the industry's first patented fully programmable POS keyboard. With its optional built-in laser scanner and/or magnetic stripe reader, this keyboard is the most powerful and versatile keyboard in the industry.

The LK5000 Series:

  • 7.5"L x 15.75"W x 2"H
  • 58 programmable keys
  • optional left or right laser bar code reader
  • optional credit card reader
  • laser head rotation and tilt
  • long-life tactile mechanical key switches
  • all keys are programmable, up to 1800 characters per key
  • stored multiple layers of key definition
  • keylock for layer selection
  • multiple shift levels
  • scan code output of alphanumeric, function, control, and windows keys
  • programmable inter-character & inter-string delays
  • no programming accessory kit, TSR program, or battery required
  • standard interface: keyboard wedge

    Available models:  
  LK5000 Programmable POs Keyboard, 58 Programmable Keys, Mechanical Key Lock to Select Multiple Layers of Key Definition, Wedge I/F, PS/2 I/F Cable, Manual, Utility Software
  LK5000-M LK5000 w/2 Track MSR
  LK5000-S LK5000 w/Laser Scanner on Right Side of Keyboard
  LK5000-MS LK5000 w/Laser Scanner on Right Side of Keyboard & 2 Track MSR
  LK5-CABLE-PS PS/2 Keypad/Keyboard Interface Cable to Computer
  LK-PA-120 Power Adapter for RS232 Interface 120VAC/5VDC

Note: All options for MSR & Laser Scanner are available.


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