Magnetic Card Writer

Magnetic Card Writer Programmable Features:
magnetic magnetic magnetic agnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic

Operating Voltage: 9VDC +/- 10%.
Read Power Consumption: 140 mA typical, 180 mA maximum.
Write Power Consumption: Single Track: 200 mA typical, 250 mA maximum.
Dual Track: 280 mA typical, 330 mA maximum.
Triple Track: 360 mA typical, 430 mA maximum.
Memory Capacity: 7 bit x 79 characters maximum.
5 bit x 107 characters maximum.
Optional support of 7 inch maximum at 75 or 210 BPI.
Encoding/Decoding Density: 75 or 210 BPI.
Communication: RS-232C, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.
Operating Temperature: 41° F to 131° F (5° C to 55° C).
Storage Temperature: -22° F to 149° F (-30° C to 65° C).
Humidity: Maximum 90% non-condensing.
Read Head Life: 500,000 passes minimum.*
Write Head: 500,000 passes minimum.*
Magnetic Read Rate: Less than one error in 100,000 bits on cards conforming to ISO7811-5 (not induced by operator error).
Warranty: One year, parts and labor.
Card Formats: ISO/ANSI, AAMVA, and CA DMV.
Available Configurations: Tracks 1 and 2.
Tracks 1, 2, and 3.
Swipe Speed (Reading): 5 to 50 inches per second.
Swipe Speed (Writing): 10 to 35 inches per second.
Media Thickness: .01 to .055 inches.
Slot Width: Maximum card thickness—.055 (1.37 mm)
Dimensions: Length: 7.9 inches (200 mm).
Width: 2.3 inches (59 mm).
Height: 2.2 inches (56 mm).
 User-Programmable Features
Reset Magnetic Encoder Resets the unit to default values.
RS-232 port test Tests serial port communications.
RAM test Tests the internal memory.
LED test Tests the LED indicators.
Sensor test Tests the card sensor.
Read card Reads a card once and displays the data.
Write card Writes to a card once and verifies the data.
Continue read card Reads card(s) multiple times and displays the data.
Continue write card Writes to card(s) multiple times and displays the data.
Copy card Copies data from one card to another.
Compare card Compares two or more cards to determine if they are identical.
Write card from file Writes cards from a set-up file.
Read raw data Reads raw data and displays it raw or decoded.
Write raw data Writes data to the card without encoding it.
Erase card Erases data on one card for specified tracks only.
Sequential write Writes incrementing data to a series of cards on a specified track
 Set-up Menu Options
Select com port Selects serial communication port (Com 1 or Com 2).
Check device model Displays the model number and card type.
Select parity Selects parity for each track (odd, even, or none).
Select card type Selects card standards (ISO, CA DMV, AAMVA, or user-defined).
Set leading zeros Change the number of leading zeros for 210 BPI and 75 BPI.
Set BPI for Track 2 Sets bits per inch for Track 2 (75 or 210).
Set bits per character Sets bits per character for each track.
Check firmware Displays the current firmware version.

* All reliability numbers are based on operation in a laboratory environment.

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