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Industry News - April 22nd 2011



Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group Chooses Shift4's Payment Gateway

The Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group (WPFDG) recently contracted Shift4 to assist with processing credit card transactions at seven of its locations, including the iconic Spago restaurants in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and Maui. 

Part of this commitment involves keeping customers' personal information safe. The adoption of Shift4's DOLLARS ON THE NET affords WPFDG customers the highest level of security as their credit card numbers are now protected by Shift4's TrueTokenization. This technology turns customer card data into an alphanumeric value, meaningless outside of Shift4's secure, redundant, PCI-compliant data centers. 

The tokens generated and stored by Shift4 keep WPFDG from having to store sensitive cardholder data, which lessens their likelihood of data breach, and simplifies their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). 

In addition to enhanced security, DOLLARS ON THE NET is providing the accounting staff at WPFDG with extensive pre- and post-settlement auditing tools, enterprise-wide reporting capabilities, and Shift4's proprietary Fraud Sentry technology to combat internal fraud. 

"We considered several options before choosing Shift4, and I must say they truly offer an excellent solution," says Mark Werlinger, WPFDG director of finance and accounting. "Our data is safer than ever before, plus we also have more time to focus on our key business needs because using Shift4 is simplifying so many of our PCI requirements." 


Thief Swindles Credit Card Info from Indiana Eatery

Robert Sullivan of Pal-item.com reports: Since the beginning of March, fifteen individuals who used their credit cards to pay for meals at the Richmond, Ind.-based Jade House Restaurant, had their information stolen by someone posing to the restaurant as an employee of its credit card service, Richmond Police Department (RPD) officials said.
"At this point, it looks like Jade House is as much a victim as anybody," says RPD Capt. Jim Branum. "They have a company they use for their credit card service, and somebody posing as the company called and asked for information saying that there was a problem with their system. As a result, some information was given out which compromised the cards. They know not to give that information out now. It appears they used poor judgment, but they did not do anything criminal."


Texas Hilton Property Eliminates Biggest Guest Complaint with RFID Locks

Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center in Grapevine, Texas has upgraded to the KABASaflok RFID door lock system. Hilton installed the locks for all 393 guest rooms and for access to its 40,000 square feet of conference space. 
“We upgraded to Saflok’s RFID locks for guest doors, meeting rooms, and other function spaces because RFID is extremely reliable and meets the security requirements many of our groups request,” says Kevin Buck, assistant general manager for Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center. “Meeting attendees — particularly in high tech industry groups — bring laptops and other valuable technology into their conference space. We selected Saflok RFID because its flexibility allows us to code-off specific rooms for tighter customized security. In some cases, only the group leader and hotel security can unlock the groups meeting room doors. We are also able to provide the group leader with a single key that unlocks all areas used by the group. Saflok RFID has the flexibility to adapt our property to the security needs of each gathering.”
Buck cites guest satisfaction and system reliability as another reason the property selected Saflok RFID. “It is a matter of guest service,” he says. “Saflok RFID keys are easy for guests to use and they always work. Also, the locks are sealed so they require less maintenance. Last year door lock problems were our number one guest complaint. After installing Saflok’s MT RFID units, we have zero guest door issues.”
Installed in two weeks
Buck adds that Saflok’s installation team proved as reliable as the company’s product. “The team installed all meeting room and guest doors in less than two weeks. During the implementation, we could use our old key system and the RFID in parallel by floor and tower.”
Centralized door security monitoring provides peace of mind for guests
Hilton DFW Lakes also benefits from other Saflok RFID features, including faster key coding at the desk and centralized door security monitoring. “If a door is left ajar anywhere in the hotel for a period of time, it shows up on our security monitor and our staff investigates it,” says Buck. “This helps us provide peace of mind for our guests.”
“We believe that RFID is the way of the future for hotels,” concludes Buck. “The keys cost a bit more, but the benefits far outweigh the additional expense. We expect to recover that cost because of system reliability, and we will be recognized as a technology leader by our guests.”


Hotel Beaux Arts Miami Adds iPads to Guestrooms

The guestrooms at the Hotel Beaux Arts Miami now feature an in-room iPad that gives guests the control to choose from 30 hotel services and customize their hotel experience.
Powered by Intelity’s ICE Touch (Interactive Customer Experience) software, guests are able to order room service, book dinner reservations, make housekeeping requests, coordinate transportation, browse for local information and much more, all at the touch of a finger. Additionally, ICE software allows guests the ability to virtually plan activities in or out of the hotel, as well as access flight and airline information, adding luxury to the art of travel.  
Aside from providing this luxury service to guests, ICE technology helps to increase hotel efficiency and customer satisfaction with its revolutionary backend management tool. ICE does this by fully integrating with the hotel’s property management systems, which allows management to track and chart guest requests and response times.
”At Hotel Beaux Arts Miami, we provide the highest level of sophistication, technology and contemporary design,” says Florencia Tabeni, general manager of the exclusive, 44-room hotel. “We are excited about the partnership with Intelity to deliver an experience that caters to the lifestyle of our plugged in society and Hotel Beaux Arts Miami guests.”


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