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Industry News - February 17th 2014



Lord & Taylor Deploys RFID Inventory Tracking System

Lord & Taylor is deploying handheld RFID readers from Motorola Solutions in its stores to maintain accurate inventory levels and prevent out-of-stock situations. This technology allows retailers to rapidly determine how much tagged inventory is in a particular location at a given time.
On a recent conference call with financial analysts, Motorola Solutions CEO, Gregory Brown also reported that the company will be rolling out micro kiosks for price checking to 1,200 Shoppers Drug Mart locations, a Canadian provider of pharmacy products and service.
"We've had some great client references," reported Brown, "I mentioned Lord & Taylor is the most recent."
Brown discussed recent business opportunities with RFID as well as Motorola's role in a growing market. "I think more and more retailers and other enterprise clients will also look to incorporate fixed [RFID]. I think there's opportunities for RFID, both mobile and fixed," stated Brown.

iPad Tablet Offers Wine Ordering Solution for Philadelphia Restaurant

Marc Vetri's Osteria Restaurant has introduced Tiare Technology Wireless WineList System to showcase regional Italian wine offerings. Osteria will now offer their guests an iPad with the Tiare ordering solution for ordering wine, beer and cocktails.
The Wireless WineList application allows guests to easily view and order wines using a wireless Apple iPad tablet and Tiare’s proprietary software.  Guests can use the tablets to browse the wine list discovering the breadth of wines offered.  They can also sort the wines to display by region, varietal, price range or other categories, or click to search the list and pinpoint a specific selection.
The system displays extensive information about Osteria’s Italian wine offerings, including tasting notes, vintage information, and background on the winery, the region and grape varietals. Photos, wine labels and other information are also displayed. The Tiare Technology system also provides Osteria diners information about the restaurant’s selection of specialty Italian beer, hand-crafted cocktails and rare grappa.
The system is intended to enhance, rather than replace, personal attention provided by the staff.  Guests can place several selections onto the system’s Consideration List™ for discussion with the staff.

Payment Processing Inc Rebrands Itself as PayPros

“PayPros” has been announced as the new registered trade name for Payment Processing, Inc. (PPI), an integrated payment processing firm. The change in name reflects the company’s cultivation of its position as a dominant player in payments technology, products and services. The past several years have seen the acceleration of PayPros’ investment in technology development, resulting in the delivery of next-generation payment solutions.

“We’ve planned, implemented and are now launching a new generation of payment technology that will dramatically change the value of payments for software developers and their resellers,” explains Eddie Myers, President of PayPros. “We have been quietly developing a new payment platform that will allow us to deliver creative payment solutions at a rapid pace. Our software partners will have the ability to separate themselves from their competition with payment innovation.”


Krispy Kreme Franchises Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs with Cloud Solution

Krispy Kreme franchise locations throughout South, Central and West Texas have seen an uptick in efficiency with the implementation of MICROS  Simphony, a cloud-based POS restaurant management system by Hospitality Solutions International. Glazing Saddles, LLC, a franchisee of Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation, has rolled out Simphony in all eight of its locations.
MICROS Simphony’s serviceoriented architecture (SOA) enables the central management of menus, payroll, scheduling, gift cards and loyalty functions from anywhere through a web browser. MICROS Simphony provides file servers that are housed in a MICROS data center, managing upgrades, handling maintenance, and providing security technology to protect Glazing Saddles’ data.
The MICROS Simphony Enterprise solution is configured with Simphony Labor, to help manage staffing, and Simphony Loyalty, to aid in the creation of a new loyalty and gift card program. In addition, the system has a fully customizable web-based reporting capability with a complete set of auditing and analysis tools designed to deliver actionable information. Simphony’s web reporting is also available on mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad.
Each of the franchise locations will implement four MICROS Workstation 5A terminals as well as a MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS), which will help facilitate its drive through ordering. The MICROS KDS will expedite drive-through orders by relaying detailed order information to the employees preparing orders.


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