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Industry News - February 24th 2014



Columbia Sportswear Implements Payment Data Solution

Columbia Sportswear has implemented a new payment data solution from the collaborative efforts of Equinox Payments, Voltage Security and Merchant Link. This cloud-based solution protects sensitive point-of-sale payment data and reduces Columbia's PCI scope by reducing the retailer's requirement of storing any payment data on its network.
The implementation across Columbia Sportswear's 54 U.S. retail locations will be completed by April 2014. The company can now secure transactions and, in the future, scale the solution to include contactless, electronic wallets, and EMV.
"Our customers have high expectations when it comes to the quality of our products and the security of the payment information they entrust us with," said Susan Leafe, retail application manager for Columbia Sportswear Company in a statement. "Equinox Payments, Voltage Security and Merchant Link have come together to enable a comprehensive, reliable payment solution that significantly reduces information security risk for us and for our customers, while providing the scalability and ease of maintenance we desired."
With Equinox Payments' next generation L5300 payment system the data is captured through an integrated contactless reader and features Equinox's remote key injection system. This allows a retailer to initiate on-site, in-store terminal key injection quickly and securely for debit card transactions. For credit card transactions, Voltage Security's encryption technology features stateless key management, and offers protection of payment data from swipe to processing and works with PIN debit encryption. Merchant Link's card-based tokenization technology enhances security and marketing analytics as well as ensures successful settlement through gateway service.

Nordstrom Expands Mobile POS Functionality in Chain-wide Deployment

Nordstrom has implemented mobile POS devices in all full-line stores and will continue to expand the functionality of those devices. Three quarters of traditional fixed POS capabilities can now be done on the mobile devices, helping to provide a better customer experience in terms of personalization and speed.
"We've got a number of different initiatives to improve the service we're giving through mobile devices both in our stores and outside the store," said Nordstrom EVP James Nordstrom, during a recent conference call. "We're improving the speed and quality at which we can get merchandise to customers. A lot of tools and, frankly, the talent we need to be able to improve the service we're giving through our online efforts are some of the things we're investing in this year."
The company continues to maintain focus on e-commerce and mobility, and with initiatives like free shipping, online shopping has improved greatly. Average order size, units per order, and cross-shopping across the website are also on the rise.
Overall, Nordstrom customers are spending more time in stores while the company broadens the customer experience with consistency across channels. A growing brand selection has proven beneficial, with top performers like handbags, designer and cosmetics.

Best Western Wins Top Honor for Website

Best Western International’s booking site has been named a 2011 Compuware  Best of the Web award winner. The annual Best of the Web Compuware Web & Mobile Performance Awards showcase leaders in web and mobile site performance across several major industries nationwide.

Best Western was honored with a Gold award based on its average rankings in the travel category throughout 2011. Compuware benchmarks measure three key Web performance metrics – response time, availability and consistency.

“This award is tremendously satisfying on a number of levels,” said Scott Gibson, Best Western’s senior vice president of distribution and chief information officer. “First, it means our guests are having a successful shopping experience on our website. Second, it means we are maximizing revenue delivery to our member hotels. And finally, it means our hard-working team is achieving the excellence we strive for at Best Western. I am extremely proud.”

The “Best of the Web: Compuware 2011 Web and Mobile Performance Awards” report, became available on February 2, and showcases the leaders in Web and mobile site performance across eight industries – automotive, retail, finance, travel, media, healthcare, and insurance – based on Compuware’s Web and mobile performance benchmark analysis in 2011. The report highlights how each award winner sets the industry standard for providing a Web or mobile site experience that enhances customer satisfaction.   


Cloud-Based Management System Reduces Costs for Hotel Diva

PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. (PSMS) and Personality Hotels have announced the deployment of the ATRIO™ Guest Experience Management platform at the Hotel Diva in San Francisco, California. Fresh from a $2 million renovation at Hotel Diva, Personality Hotels selected ATRIO www.atrio.com to exploit the latest advances in hospitality technology to achieve its operational, service and financial goals.
The guiding pillars of ATRIO include a platform purpose-built for true cloud computing, an innovative user experience, modular design, and the use of an Enterprise Service Bus. Overlaying ATRIO rests PAR Springer-Miller’s ongoing commitment to guest-centricity. Cloud computing and the “zero training” goal of the user experience has brought significant financial benefit to Personality Hotels by reducing implementation costs considerably.


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