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Industry News - September 21St 2014



Oracle Debuts Mobile POS Solution

Oracle has introduced Oracle Retail Mobile Point-of-Service, a mobile extension to its Oracle Retail Point-of-Service solution that allows store associates to perform transactions anywhere in the store. For retailers already using Oracle Retail Stores Solutions, the mobile POS technology can leverage these applications for checking in-store inventory and product information, activating gift cards, printing or e-mailing receipts and suspending transactions for completion at a fixed register.

"Oracle Retail Mobile POS provides the flexibility to serve customers on their terms," said Oracle Retail senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Retail Mike Webster in a statement. "By providing store associates with a consistent transaction interface and delivering actionable insights at any point of service, we help retailers level the playing field between store associates and digitally enabled customers."

The Oracle Retail Mobile POS' scalable, flexible architecture allow any combination of fixed and mobile checkout points, and it supports multiple mobile operating systems and devices, including the Apple iPod Touch and VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise.

Maestro PMS Integrates with SilverWare POS for Increased Revenue and Efficiency

NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS has partnered with Point of Sale provider SilverWare. Award-winning SilverWare POS’ Avrio solution fully integrates with the Maestro Property Management System (PMS) for convenience, efficiency, and 360 guest service.  
The integration performs normal processes, such as room charges and voucher lookups, but extends beyond that with integrated client synchronization, server alerts on guest status like same-day checkout, as well as message waiting, and meal plans. The integration also fully supports the Maestro gift card, guest loyalty programs. The integrated systems share data from food and beverage outlets and retail stores for one hotel or a multi-property group for accounting accuracy and simplification of charge detail verification, revenue posting, and reporting.
Unique features of the SilverWare Avrio and NORTHWIND Maestro seamless integration include:
Ability to reproduce a guest check at checkout mirroring the check produced by SilverWare Avrio.
The capability to identify and automatically apply guest discounts or comp meals associated with packages.
Transactions in SilverWare Avrio can accrue Maestro Loyalty Program points which enables operators to maintain a single database for frequent-diner rewards.
To preserve client data, Avrio is also equipped with a failsafe design that automatically backs up information. If a POS terminal becomes unavailable, the system seamlessly connects to another server, utilizing modern SQL capabilities to produce a self-sufficient data redundancy.

Optimize Fried Food Quality and Oil Usage with Filtration Monitoring Technology

Quick-serve and fast-casual restaurant customers expect consistently high-quality food. And for restaurants, clean, properly filtered cooking oil helps make this a reality. Unlike the traditional way of manually recording oil filtration practices—restaurants can now improve food quality, create consistent practices and improve oil management through Filtration Monitoring from Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI).
RTI’s Filtration Monitoring technology immediately collects data from sensors in the fryer system and delivers it to the customer’s RTI Total Operations Management (TOM) online portal. It tracks how often the oil is filtered, when it is filtered, and for how long. Data is automatically compared to the restaurant’s ideal filtration processes, so any deviations are tracked. Managers can opt to receive mobile/email alerts that can be used to correct filtration oversights instantly or be used for staff training on standard filtration procedures.
Via the TOM portal, managers can monitor data for single or multiple restaurant locations, analyzing oil quality, usage and filtration statistics. The portal provides easy to interpret graphs eliminating data analysis and enabling managers to take action quickly on SOP compliance and process improvements.
Without RTI Filtration Monitoring, employees may be visually judging when to filter and manually recording the number and length of filtration times. Consequently, staff can often report inaccurately or follow an inconsistent schedule. These errors lead to varied food quality, shorter life for oil or over usage of shortening, all impacting profits.
RTI Filtration Monitoring works with existing RTI Total Oil Management systems — a patented cooking oil delivery system that automatically delivers fresh oil and removes waste oil at each restaurant, replacing traditional practices that are more cumbersome and hazardous for restaurant employees.


Online Bookings Boom Sparks New Distribution Partnership

Texas-based hotel reservations company, Genares, has chosen the Room Distribution Exchange (RDX) platform from SiteMinder to gain direct, two-way connectivity with booking sites.
RDX allows Genares to offer its own fully branded and supportable distribution product that delivers automated, two-way connectivity between hundreds of the world’s leading online booking sites and their own Central Reservation System (CRS). According to SiteMinder’s Executive Director for Global Sales and Marketing, David Williams, RDX eliminates the inherent complexity and high-cost of maintaining robust channel connections from PMS and CRS systems, in effect turning distribution into a commodity and no longer a complexity.


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