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Industry News - Octiber 3rd, 2008



Cabela's Adds BI to Enhance Enterprise Reporting  

Cabela's chooses business intelligence from MicroStrategy to gain enhanced insights into inventory planning, customer service, sales administration, forecast analysis, and category management. In addition, Cabela's will use MicroStategy's reporting tools to improve its online business by enabling employees to review every item purchased online and better understand the items that customers typically purchase together. With this insight, Cabela's will be able to present complementary product offerings to its online customers.

"We evaluated numerous BI products and were particularly impressed with MicroStrategy's integration with Teradata, our enterprise data warehouse," says Jon Crowe, director of enterprise technology services, Cabela's. "In addition, MicroStrategy's user-friendly reports and dashboards will help us to be more responsive to the needs of our organization by empowering our users to create their own reports and eliminating the need for custom report development by IT."


Circuit City Implements Verification Services to Fight Credit Card Fraud

Circuit City Stores use On-Demand Verification services from TARGUSinfo to help reduce chargeback penalties and payment fraud. The on-demand services automatically evaluate data that customers supply in Web and call-center 'card-not-present' purchases and instantly give Circuit City a contact quality rating for each proposed transaction. The rating is based upon whether a customer's name, address and phone number are accurate and all belong to the same person.

Circuit City can now automate approval of lower-risk transactions and intensify focus on higher-risk ones to reduce chargebacks or bank penalties for fraudulent purchases. Previously, Circuit City used On-Demand Verification services as part of its manual process for agents' order reviews, and the performance indicated enough confidence in the services that Circuit City decided to make them part of their automated processes.

"With our Web and call-center sales increasing, we need to move a lot more transactions with the same staff," says Margy Hazelton, senior manager, payments and fraud, Circuit City. "On-Demand Verification services let us confidently and automatically process authentic transactions, leaving us a clearer view of the potentially fraudulent ones - the needles in the haystack. TARGUSinfo was able to give us the simple, powerful and affordable solution we were looking for."


Opterus Introduces New Store Ops-Center

Opterus announces the release of Store Ops-Center, a Web-based retail portal solution that helps enable retailers to distribute information, and to plan, schedule, assign, prioritize, automate, communicate and monitor store operational task compliance.

Opterus Store Ops-Center is offered in a "Software as a Service" model (SaaS). Store Ops-Center also can be installed within a few days through configuration of workflow business rules, and integration of operational data. The only technology required at the store is a browser pointed to Store Ops-Center, requiring no additional hardware or software at the corporate office or individual stores.

With Store Ops-Center, dashboard reports identify stores that are not compliant with operational objectives. Store Ops-Center is specifically designed to be used in all retail segments including general merchandise, specialty, department store, supermarket, drug store, and convenience stores.


Petco Drives Site Traffic and Sales with Bazaarvoice Ask & Answer

Petco uses the Ask & Answer tool from Bazaarvoice to deliver customer engagement and drive better sales results. Petco teamed up with Bazaarvoice to develop and promote The Answer Den, a customized functionality that leverages Bazaarvoice Ask & Answer hosted technology to enable customers to ask and answer questions about thousands of Petco products. By combining The Answer Den with its Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews implementation, Petco provides its customers with valuable new user-generated content that drives sales both online and in its nearly 950 stores nationwide.

Petco customers who consulted The Answer Den purchased products 72 percent more often than site visitors who did not visit The Answer Den. Answer Den users generated 90 percent more page views per session, nearly 40 percent more items per order and a 10 percent higher average order value.

"Petco customers are a very engaged and loyal group - and they love to share their opinions on which products are best for their beloved pets," says John Lazarchic, vice president of e-commerce at Petco. "The Answer Den allows the Petco community to come together to ask and answer questions about products, talk about pet care topics and share advice to help other pet parents. By providing a way for Petco customers to make better, more informed purchase decisions, The Answer Den has contributed to a dramatic boost in orders and sales across our site."


ADT Releases Tagging Device with Enhanced Security

ADT introduces the Sensormatic Ultra-Lite system that helps retailers protect broader merchandise lines, while using one detaching platform. This new line offers security to help cut retail theft. The system also helps boost checkout efficiencies, so customers can finish shopping faster.

The Sensormatic acousto-magnetic technology in the Ultra-Lite security device provides detection capabilities and makes the tag resistant to detuning by elements such as metal, foil and liquids. With its rigid ABS plastic housing, the Ultra-Lite is a formidable theft barrier that helps to protect high-risk, high-value items.

The multipurpose Sensormatic Ultra-Lite platform is capable of protecting a wide variety of products ranging from bottled wines and spirits to sporting goods and apparel. Additionally, the application and removal process helps save employees time at the POS, expedite the customer checkout process and improve customer satisfaction.


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