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Industry News - October 24th, 2008



American Eagle Introduces New Brand and E-Commerce Web Site  

American Eagle Outfitters launches its new e-commerce Web site based on its new brand for kids, 77kids by american eagle. The debut assortment, including denim, fleece, t-shirts, dresses, outerwear, footwear and accessories, is available for purchase online at www.77kids.com.

All 77kids clothing offers 77wash and 77soft guarantees to maintain size, shape and quality and to be extremely soft and comfortable through dozens of washes. Shipping and returns are free.

"We encourage kids and parents to put our guarantees to the test, wear, wash, repeat," says Chris Fiore, senior vice president, 77kids by american eagle. "We've combined the styles and comfort that kids want with the function and durability that moms want."

77kids.com features: 

- 7 'Gotta Have' Outfits: Video footage of real kid models features head-to-toe looks and the ability to purchase by item or entire outfits. 

- Size Wizard: Customers fill out a simple form with height and weight measurements, including step-by-step instructions on how to measure, and 77kids will recommend tops, bottoms and outerwear in the appropriate sizes. A printable footwear chart ensures the right shoe size.

- Gifting: The 77kids online wrap center offers an innovative gifting experience, including options for paper, bows, cards and tissue. Additionally, the 77kids gift box transforms into an origami-like paper doll in the shape of a bird, which kids 'dress' with printable clothing found at 77kids.com/bird. 

- Gift Cards: Customers can send in customizable e-card form, or have delivered by mail under the wing of the whimsical 77kids bird. 

- Free Stickers: Each 77kids order comes with a sheet of 77kids stickers. Exclusive designs change with each season.


Petco Adds Performance and Talent Management Suite

Petco selects the SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management suite to optimize the performance of its 22,000 associates nationwide. SuccessFactors helps Petco engage associates, recognize high performers and drive a pay-for-performance culture.

Petco sought an integrated solution that would help engage, develop and reward top performers. The company also wanted to unify disparate systems to make informed decisions around compensation and succession planning for key positions.

By implementing SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management suite, Petco can better manage performance, goal setting, compensation and succession planning. Performance and goal management provide real-time, actionable insight to drive alignment of purpose across the organization. Compensation management helps ensure employees are recognized for their accomplishments using consistent guideline rules and workflows, while providing management visibility into potential trouble spots and helping to ensure that salary increases, bonuses and other rewards are allocated based on performance. With SuccessFactors succession planning solutions, Petco will more effectively and proactively train and groom employees for future positions in the organization.

"We know that engaged, high-performing associates make for engaged, loyal customers, so we're pleased to launch this relationship with SuccessFactors," says Charlie Piscitello, senior vice president and chief people officer, Petco. "We believe the SuccessFactors solution will provide greater visibility into the key metrics we use to drive performance across our business. We'll also be able to better spot high-performing associates sooner and nurture those who have the talent and potential to be future leaders at our company."


Hobby Lobby Deploys 3,800 POS Terminals

Hobby Lobby deploys 3,800 XR650 terminals from Datasym. Hobby Lobby sought a technologically advanced POS system that would improve customer service, but remain user-friendly to store level staff. The XR650 was chosen because of its flexible PC System and durable cash register. It also operates on less power.

"Since the installation of the XR650, loss prevention and daily reporting for store operations have improved," says Jeanne Cotter, vice president and CIO. "It's clear transaction display and receipt help provide a better customer experience."

Hobby Lobby's IT Group and Datasym Professional Service Team worked together to ensure a suitable solution was provided. "As with any major project, the roll out was not without its bumps along the way," says Cotter." Datasym staff responded quickly and professionally to any requests or issues that we encountered."


American Apparel Pilots Item-Level Inventory and Operations Management Tools

American Apparel pilots the Clarity-ARS Advanced Retail System from Xterprise. The pilot allows American Apparel to validate the solution's store item-level inventory and operations management capabilities in an actual store environment.

With over 225 retail stores today, and plans to grow significantly in the next several years, establishing a store item-level inventory management system is a key component of American Apparel's aggressive growth plans.

The Clarity-ARS Store Inventory Management solution from Xterprise was selected for the pilot because of its item-level inventory management functionality. The system uses Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and its BizTalk RFID capabilities. The apparel retailer anticipates that the system will help increase sales and customer service, reduce out-of- stocks, and provide greater security and loss prevention. American Apparel also will be able to use advanced business intelligence to better respond to stock movements and in-store consumer behavior.


Dabs.com Adds Multi-Channel Retail Software

Dabs.com, a direct retailer of electronics goods and services in the UK, selects JunctionRES from Junction Solutions to underpin its entire operation, to help drive growth and deliver improved customer service.

The company needed to replace its home-grown systems due to its decreasing ability to keep up with the fast paced evolution of the business. The retailer decided to replace them with a new multi-channel retail enterprise-wide (ERP) solution to better manage planning, purchasing, warehouse, order processing, customer services, returns and marketing. After reviewing many software vendors, dabs.com chose Junction Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

"Our business operates across many channels on single digit margins," says Neil Catto, financial director, dabs.com. "With prices changing daily on short life-cycle product lines that can last for as little as 3 weeks, efficient and flexible technology is absolutely fundamental to our success. Having looked at the marketplace, we felt that Microsoft Dynamics AX stood out as the most flexible, intuitive and powerful ERP platform around."

The company said that because it holds only around 3-4 weeks stock at any time, accurately forecasting demand and knowing the quantities and types of stock it needs to order is the best way of avoiding over- or out-of-stocks.

"Junction Solutions demonstrated an intimate understanding of multi-channel retail and also provided a proven retail solution built on Microsoft Dynamics AX, so it was an obvious choice for us," says Catto. "The deep integration of JunctionRES and Consumer Driven Planning, along with the technology stack offered through the Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture provides endless opportunities for us as a company."

Once the project is complete, Dabs anticipates a reduced cost of purchasing from its suppliers due to improved supply chain visibility, shorter lead times and reduced levels of reserve stock. Improved stock availability and more targeted analysis of marketing initiatives are likely to give rise to increased sales. Other benefits cited include: improved reporting across the business; tighter controls; cost reductions through the automation of administrative functions; and improved operational speeds, for instance on customer orders and logistics.


Imperial Trading Company Extends Relationship with Inovis

Imperial Trading Company, a wholesale grocer for independent retail grocers, renews its relationship to have Inovis continue to support communication and connectivity with the Inovisworks Value Added Network (VAN) for business community management communication and visibility between the wholesale grocer and its convenience store and grocery customers.

With Inovis business community management communications and visibility, Imperial has a single platform to manage the movement of transactions across communities, technology and support requirements. Connectivity is supported by the Inovis Multienterprise Expert Service Hub (MESH) platform and Inovis Business Process Protection Services, four services that protect data traffic quality, governance and security. The platform supports a wide range of data formats as well as connectivity, access, transport and security options, including:

Data formats: EDI, XML, RosettaNet and EDI-INT
Connectivity: Internet, dial-up, frame relay and leased lines
Access: Event-driven and store-and-forward mailbox capabilities
Transport: HTTP, FTP and SMTP
Security: SSL, S/MIME, IPSEC, VPN and PGP


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