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Industry News - November 7th, 2008



PUMA Goes Live with Vision Merchandising  

PUMA deploys its Vision Merchandising from Jesta to manage all purchasing and inventory for all PUMA stores within the European Economic Area (EEA). PUMA also leverages Vision Merchandising to manage inventory across its various sales channels including full price stores, outlet stores and a Web store.

PUMA AG is rolling out Vision Merchandising in phases starting in Europe with North America already slated for deployment. Vision Merchandising replaces PUMA AG's current system. PUMA uses Vision Merchandising to perform replenishment and price changes. These tasks are now automated and PUMA buyers, allocators and controllers amongst others can access accurate business data, and drill-down to pertinent information.

"Jesta I.S. has proven to PUMA that they understand our business, and has delivered the solutions that meet our needs," says Michael Specht, global for PUMA AG. "We have been privileged to work with a solid group from their Professional Services team. Part of the immediate benefit is that Jesta I.S. works alongside the client, doing the implementations themselves and no third party vendors or implementers are needed. This makes both our deployment and the Jesta I.S. methodology effective."

With Vision Merchandising, PUMA increases data availability and transparency while leveraging business data to maximize its analytical capabilities. Vision Merchandising recommends the allocation and replenishment of merchandise that helps PUMA's buying, planning and allocation team to increase sales through optimized product allocation. In addition, PUMA's Web store can now be replenished seven days per week.


Circuit City Store Closing Sales Now Underway at 154 U.S. Locations

Circuit City store closing sales have begun at 154 locations in the U.S. More than $300 million of consumer electronics and related products for the home and office are being sold at discounts up to 30 percent. Consumers can take advantage of savings on TV and home entertainment equipment, to computers and accessories, MP3 and other audio products, cameras and camcorders, video gaming, music and movie media. In addition, store fixtures, furniture and equipment are also being sold.

The store closing sale is being conducted by a joint venture partnership comprised of Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Group.

All sales at the 154 stores being closed are final on items purchased during the store closing event, but normal refund policies will apply to merchandise purchased prior to the sale commencement date. Circuit City gift cards purchased prior to the sale commencement date will be honored, but no gift cards will be sold at the 154 closing stores. Cash and all major credit cards will be accepted. No checks. A complete list of the 154 Circuit City stores being closed at available at: www.hilcomerchantresources.com/circuitcity.asp.


Levi Strauss & Co Adds Supply Chain Audit Software

Levi Strauss & Co implements a Web-based supply chain audit solution from Entropy Software to help simplify the management of corporate-wide supply chain compliance.

Levi Strauss & Co uses the BSI Entropy Software, a Web-based audit and compliance tool, to help address its increasing requirement for product carbon foot printing analysis. The software also provides senior managers and directors with the ability to identify, assess and manage supply chain compliance across the business, with real-time analysis and performance reporting via an executive dashboard view of the corporate-wide supply chain compliance data.

Entropy Software helps Levi Strauss & Co address risk, compliance and performance management in areas of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, environmental, health and safety, quality, and supply chain compliance management.


Walgreens Manages Customer Records with New Software

Walgreens selects Initiate Consumer to help manage millions of customer records that it maintains for its retail drugstores and e-commerce services.

Initiate Consumer from Initiate Systems delivers a single view of individual consumers to end users and automated business processes that rely on accurate customer data to function efficiently. It also helps enable accurate identification that can improve the customer experience in sales, distribution, service and support.

Initiate Consumer is based on Initiate Master Data Service technology - a data platform that provides identity matching and management, data modeling, information quality management, data sharing, relationship and hierarchy management and multi-lingual, integration and synchronization capabilities.


OneStopPlus.com Launches Gift Card Program

OneStopPlus.com launches a new gift card program just in time for the holiday season.
www.OneStopPlus.com, along with partner brands Woman Within, Roaman's, Jessica London, KingSize and BrylaneHome now offer gift cards and e-cards. The plastic gift cards have a unique design on the face of the card for each of the participating brands. When the customer orders a gift card, it arrives to the designated recipient in a card carrier with a personalized message. For the e-cards, there are as many as 8 different creative options per brand. E-cards are delivered to the designated recipient via e-mail and also include a personalized message.

To create a more streamlined shopping experience, both the plastic gift cards and the e-cards will have a stored balance which means the customer is to use the card multiple times until the balance is zero. In addition, as an added benefit and convenience, there is a "check balance" function on each participating brand's Web site so customers can see how much value is left on their gift card to spend.

The company plans to actively market this new gift card program through a multi-channel launch including Web, marketing e-mails, service e-mails, print and call platform. Due to the timing, these holiday-specific messages will be targeted to holiday shoppers.


SAF U.S.A Launches Version 5.0.0 of SAF SuperStore and SAF SuperWarehouse

SAF U.S.A. launches version 5.0.0 of its SAF SuperStore and SAF SuperWarehouse. The new version helps increase forecast quality and helps retailers understand how an item on sale will affect the demand for other complementing products.

Version 5.0.0 helps retailers utilize special supplier pricing offers with its new investment buying function. It also contains a predictor-precise forecast breakdown enabling users to identify the impact of influencing factors, such as how a special offer will affect sales and volume, to better understand the forecasts.

Enhanced reporting features now display each step of the replenishment optimization calculation. This increased visibility and explanation of the automatic ordering process reduces the tendency for retailers to make unnecessary manual changes to an order. Lastly, 5.0.0 has expanded configuration options to allow metric influencing factors, such as pricing, to be transformed in order to better explain sales performance and improve forecast quality.


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