TA90 portable magstripe reader with timestamp

This model has been discontinued and replaced with the PR232

Portable Card Reader TA90 portable magstripe reader
TA90 Portable Card Reader

The SST TA90 is a portable magnetic card reader capable of reading both tracks 1 and 2 of standard magnetic stripe cards. After a card is swiped, the SST TA90 gives a visual indication that the swipe was good (green) or bad (red). For good swipes, the data from tracks 1 and 2 is stored in non-volatile memory for later retrieval. Each card entry is also time stamped with the date and time of the swipe. The stored data can be downloaded to a PC compatible computer using the cable and software provided with the unit. The TA90 to track time and attendance, service calls, home visits, outdoor events, VIP and customer loyalty cards, subcontractors and more.

TA90 Portable Card Reader Features

  • Self contained, handheld package

  • Battery operated - up to 20,000 swipes

  • Reads tracks 1 and 2 - no data restrictions

  • Stores 200 card scans

  • Visual indication of good/bad swipe

  • Only valid swipes are stored

  • All swipes are timestamped

  • Data retained even if power removed

  • Includes PC software & download cable

  • Ready to use with battery and carry case


Battery  1x3V "CR2032" type standard lithium cell (user replaceable)

Memory  32k bytes EEPROM

Indicators  Red LED, Green LED

Timestamp  Yes - date and time

Card type  ISO 7811 compliant magnetic media

Tracks  1 and 2

Card thickness  0.010" to 0.050"

Bit density  60 to 265 bits per inch

Swipe direction  Unidirectional

Swipe speed  2 to 50 inches per second

Operating temperature  0 to 60C

Computer interface  3 wire RS232, 9600 bps via DB9 download cable

Housing  ABS plastic with steel insert for card support

Color  Black

Size  3.5" L x 1.5" W x 1.2" H

Weight  2.7oz

Cable  DB9 female to 3.5mm phono plug, 5 ft long

Operating system  Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000

SST TA90 List Pricing:

Model Price
Portable readers  
TA90 portable card reader - medium size, 200 cards, RS232, 2 tracks, SW $595
TA reader software - runs on Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000 $25
Contact Manager software - address completion $199
Contact Manager Lite SW - no address completion $99
EasyID Reader software - for Windows 95, 98, XP $25
Carry case - for TA48, TA90, EasyID, and ContactID portable readers $15
RS232 download cable - for all portables except TA32 $25
3V lithium battery - for TA48, TA90, EasyID, and ContactID portables $2.50

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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