POS Magnetic Card Reader Keyboard


POS Magnetic Card Reader Keyboard

Versatile, Full Function POS Keyboard

VersaKey features an enhanced layout keyboard with a full featured MagStripe card reader. The keyboard layout provides separated function keys, control keys, curser keys, and a full numerical input keypad. There are also many country specific key layouts available.


Durable Keyboard and Card Reader Combination

VersaKey is designed to provide the reliability needed for usage in repetitive and high volume operation. The unit is proven to endure more than 10 million key operations and 1 million swipes. Standard warranty of 3 years provides con. dence that the unit is built to last.


Versatile MagStripe Reader

VersaKeyís integrated MagStripe reader delivers the MagStripe data in the format needed. If the host computerís application software is expecting the MagStripe data in a particular order and format, the readerís output can be con. gured to output a simulated keyboard-entered data stream by rearranging data blocks, adding terminating characters and special preamble and/or postamble character strings to the decoded card data.

Intelligent Interface Options

VersaKey is available with a USB or PS/2 interface depending on the userís needs. For convenience, the USB version also comes with two additional USB Hub connections. Both USB and PS/2 keyboard versions have only one communication cable. The keyboard data and the MagStripe data are output from the one cable. The MagStripe data transmitted through the keyboard cable and it appears to originate directly from the keyboard.


234112W    $119.00

Beige POS Keyboard, Track I & II MSR (USB)

234112B    $119.00

Black POS Keyboard, Track I & II MSR (USB)

234113W    $159.00

Beige POS Keyboard, Track I ,II & III MSR  (USB)

234113B     $159.00

Black POS Keyboard, Track I ,II & III MSR  (USB)

233112W    $118.00

Beige POS Keyboard, Track I & II MSR (KB Wedge)

233112B     $118.00

Black  POS Keyboard, Track I & II MSR (KB Wedge)

233133W    $128.00

Beige POS Keyboard, Track I ,II & III MSR (KB Wedge)

233133B     $128.00

Black POS Keyboard, Track I ,II & III MSR (KB Wedge)

or call (541) 601-8282 for configurations and pricing.

VersaKey POS Keyboard Specs

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