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Aldelo For Restaurants - Point of Sale Software Solution For Your Busy Restaurant Establishment!  Affordable, Easy To Use, Feature Rich.

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More Reliable Credit Card Processing

Aldelo EDC enables you to accept credit cards whether your business is a restaurant, retail, mail order/telephone order or online. Our payment processing solution is designed to handle each of these business types without compromise.

Aldelo EDC is a best of breed technology that allows businesses to take charge of their credit card processing needs.  All credit card transactions are processed and delivered via the Internet to ensure maximum responsiveness and scalability.

Aldelo EDC helps your business significantly reduce maintenance and increase reliability by completely eliminating the need for third party credit card processing software or hardware terminals.  All you need to accept credit cards with Aldelo EDC is a computer, MSR reader, the Internet and a qualified merchant account.

Fully Integrated with Restaurant Point of Sale

Aldelo EDC is fully integrated with Aldelo For Restaurants using XML Web Services.  Your cashiers do not have to learn any significant changes when using Aldelo For Restaurants with Aldelo EDC Integration. 

Additionally, the integration extends Aldelo For Restaurants' settlement feature by automatically recognizing credit card type as the intended payment tender in order to help reduce user errors.

Extensive Security Compliance to Give Peace of Mind

Aldelo EDC comes with a wide array of security features to help you keep your card processing always on and always secured.

The card processing engine is XML Web Services based, and it could be secured by SSL.  Communications between Aldelo EDC to the back end processing gateways are via secured connections as well.  Customer card numbers are also secured with our 256 Bit AES encryption and is removed daily when open batch is closed.

Additionally, Aldelo EDC provides extensive audit trail, email event notifications, transaction tracing and critical data self healing capabilities to help you keep it running smoothly.

Best of Breed Technologies

Aldelo EDC was written for the Microsoft .NET platform.  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is used as the back end database to ensure maximum uptime.  XML Web Services are used for transaction processing integration.  SSL is supported for improved security while AES 256 Bit encryption is used to secure customer card data.

Ask us how you can qualify for a free copy of the Aldelo EDC.

Aldelo EDC Credit Card Processing

Sterling Payment Systems

  Description Price
  Aldelo EDC Credit Card Software $749.00

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