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Aldelo For Restaurants - Point of Sale Software Solution For Your Busy Restaurant Establishment!  Affordable, Easy To Use, Feature Rich.

Aldelo Polling Server

Restaurant Software POS


Be In Control of Your Enterprise Data

Aldelo Polling Server eliminates paperwork by automatically transmitting daily sales from your restaurants to your headquarters via compressed Emails.  Working together, Aldelo Polling Server and Aldelo For Restaurants Pro generate sales reports and mission critical statistics.

Aldelo Polling Server keeps you informed of your restaurants’ performance, help you spot sales trends and enable you to compete more effectively.  With all your data in one place, it is easy to see how your restaurants are doing at a glance.

Bi-Directional Data Exchange to Simplify Headquarters Management

With Aldelo Polling Server, you can also easily send menu changes, employee updates and inventory additions from your headquarters to each of your restaurants with the touch of a button.  You can also easily schedule delayed store updates based on future dates.  These capabilities truly allow your headquarters to tightly control each restaurant’s operations with ease.


Key Product Features

  • Automatically Transmit Each Restaurant’s Data to your Headquarters Daily
  • Send Menu Changes From Headquarters to Target Restaurants
  • Send Employee Changes From Headquarters to Target Restaurants
  • Send Inventory Changes From Headquarters to Target Restaurants
  • Set Delayed Store Updates Based on a Future Date

Let Aldelo Polling Server help you streamline your headquarters data delivery and site store data updates.  Try our Aldelo Polling Server today to discover how simple headquarter data management may be.

Software prices are in US Dollars.  Applicable shipping/handling charges will be added.

  Description Price
  Aldelo Polling Per Entire Restaurant Chain $295.00

For more restaurant software information call (541) 601-8282 Monday - Friday, 7AM - 4PM Pacific Standard Time or email  us if you would like to evaluate the software.

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