CARDFIVE design and printing software for plastic cardsCardFive lphoto card management software.

Powerful, yet very easy to setup and use, it has all the features needed to handle cards.

You can link the design to databases, encode magnetic stripe, process smartcards, create effects and manage overlay, hologram or scratch ribbon.

With its fully integrated environment, it is very easy to design a card linked to a database.

The Easy Database feature allows you to use it as a simple data entry and print software.

It has powerful imaging features, place a logo file, read pictures from digital photo cameras or use real time imaging through Video for Windows. Save acquired images on the database.

Access security to card printing is provided via KeyFive and logins.

CardFive can print using DCL (Direct command language) to most popular card printers in the market and virtually any printer through drivers, including page printers.

Scalability is available through editions in order to meet users needs and budget. Network licenses available for corporate solutions.

CardFive Classic $109
CardFive Lite Plus $199
CardFive Premier $689


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