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Industry News - November 20th, 2009



VeriFone Announces End-to-End Data Encryption Solution

VeriFone Holdings announces that its VeriShield Protect end-to-end encryption solution for card payment security will be available for use with the EMV smart card standard and will also support contactless payments.

First introduced in the U.S. to help merchants and acquirers secure cardholder information and comply with PCI data security requirements, VeriShield Protect is now being expanded for use worldwide in support of all card payment types. VeriShield Protect with full EMV and contactless capability is now being introduced in the UK and for other regions beginning in spring 2010.

VeriShield Protect helps eliminate usable cardholder data from a retailer's POS applications, networks and servers by encrypting it end to end, so that even in the event of a security breach no usable data could be compromised and any stored data is secure. Real-time monitoring of payment transactions helps ensure that organizations can respond immediately to mitigate any attempted breach.

VeriFone's VeriShield Hidden Encryption (VHE) uses AES encryption and enables existing payment applications to deal with encrypted cardholder data that is unusable by hackers, but does not impact existing transaction message formats. That makes it possible to integrate VeriShield Protect without costly changes to existing POS, back-office and acquirer software.

In addition, VeriFone's VeriShield Secure Device Management Service (VSDMS) provides real-time, actionable security alerts regarding breaches or use of non-compliant devices or systems for timely mitigation.


Nordstrom to Spend $45 Million on Tech Upgrades in 2010

Nordstrom recently announced its plans to invest approximately $40 to $45 million in technology upgrades next year, maintaining its level of IT spend year-over-year.

Over the past year, the luxury department store has been heavily focused on evolving its multi-channel business. Its steadfast focus on evolving its multi-channel has clearly paid off since the luxury department store most recently reported in its latest quarter that sales for its online Nordstrom Direct business increased 16.4 percent.

The department store also has recently updated its inventory platform so online orders could be fulfilled from the stores or any Nordstrom location.|

According to Blake Nordstrom, President and Director, Nordstrom, "This continues our ongoing effort to improve our customers' experience by providing them with greater access to more of our inventory whenever and however they want to shop."

Nordstrom continues, "For the customer to go online and be able to leverage the entire inventory throughout the company represents tremendous opportunities. There's significant learnings that are coming from this about our allocation of inventory and, again, our supply chain, but we view it as a real positive and view it as another confirmation on behalf of the customer in the feedback that they're giving us that this multi-channel strategy is super important to our future growth.".


Cavender’s Boot City Adds Tools for Financial Management

Cavender's Boot City gains financial management practices and control with Vision Financials, part of Jesta's Vision Suite, which enables organization to reduce its number of vendors. Cavender's Boot City also uses Vision Merchandising and Vision Planning to ensure that data is unified across the enterprise. Cavender's improves decision making by using General Ledger, which inquires and drill-downs to the source transaction of the inquiry. Another time saver is the accelerated data entry with templates and recurring journal entries.

Cavender's also can maximize invoice processing and invoice with or without a Purchase Order, match against the PO and Receipt, release within preset tolerance limits, and include notes and attachments to all transactions. The Accounts Payable module offers Cavender's with flexible payment processing to manage vendors, simplify bank reconciliation and import/export abilities including built in formulas for optional export of data to Microsoft Excel.

"As a long-time Jesta I.S. customer and Vision Merchandising and Vision Planning user,
Cavender's was well positioned to take advantage of the integrated Vision Suite by deciding to roll out Vision Financials," said Jim Thompson, CFO for Cavender's Boot City. "With Vision Financials, we are able to reduce processing time for month-end calculations and simplify the accounts payable processing cycle, creating a more predictable cash flow. We can see additional benefits including a clear reduction in manual tasks that allow our team to function more efficiently."


Mattel Enhances E-Commerce with Innovative Shopping Tools

Mattel signs a multi-year agreement with GSI Commerce to provide e-commerce technology, fulfillment, customer care and marketing services. Mattel along with GSI recently launched four specialty Web stores for the company including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Disney and another site featuring interactive games from Mattel.

Mattel has chosen TrueAction, GSI's digital agency, to provide affiliate marketing through its Pepperjam Network and design services through its Silverlign division. GSI's e-mail marketing subsidiary, e-Dialog, has been selected to provide e-mail marketing services.

"E-commerce was the next step in our multi-channel strategy. After conducting a comprehensive analysis, it was clear that GSI offers the best solution for our current needs. Their expert counsel helped us to understand the right features and functionality needed to launch a successful e-commerce business," said Andres Amezquita, vice president of e-commerce for Mattel. "We are pleased to be partnering with the industry leader in full service solutions."

The MattelShop.com features innovative shopping tools including ShopTogether - a social shopping tool from DecisionStep which allows shoppers to browse the site together with family and friends regardless of where they are located. Other features include advanced search, Play Pattern Navigation, which allows shoppers to navigate the site based on a child's play behaviors, and ConciseClick- a roll over-and-click technology that provides shoppers with product information when watching video clips..


Kroger Deploys Interactive Kiosks for Free Vision Assessments

Kroger Stores deploy SoloHealth EyeSite self-service kiosks which provide free vision testing and self-directed healthcare while promoting eye health awareness and encouraging regular eye exams. Ten Kroger Supermarket locations across the metro area will deploy the EyeSite kiosk.

The interactive kiosks are free to use and provide consumers with a quick, accurate assessment of near and distance vision. The units also assess risk, provide relevant eye health information and encourage consumers to schedule comprehensive exams with an eye care professional from a list of local providers.

EyeSite kiosks are user-friendly tools that provide a self-directed, proactive focus on eye health, but are not a replacement for a regular eye exam. Consumers answer a series of lifestyle questions on a touch screen and are presented with various sized letters to determine near and distance acuity. They then receive a customized report of their results, which they can share directly with an eye doctor.


Blockbuster Lays Out Its 2010 Kiosk and Business Model

Blockbuster is rapidly changing the way it touches its customers and is transforming the company into a multi-channel business by increasing its points of presence through Blockbuster Express vending kiosks and Blockbuster on-demand digital streaming.

Blockbuster is moving beyond the box and now offers by-mail service, vending and digital download capabilities. Through an alliance with NCR, the retailer is expanding its physical points of presence with 2,500 Blockbuster express branded kiosks expected by the end of 2009.

Blockbuster will also leverage NCR's first outdoor DVD rental kiosk which will create a 24-hour automated retail store. The new solution is easily upgradeable and is equipped to offer digital download capability for video files.

Additionally, the retailer opened a new channel of distribution for Blockbuster -- its mobility channel in August through an exclusive mobile integration deal with Motorola.

According to James Keyes, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Blockbuster, "We are working hard to take the multi-channel approach to the next level by providing the customer with flexibility, control, and ease-of-use. We’ve enhanced Blockbuster.com with the introduction of online account management and inventory lookup, enabling our customers to find in-store inventory at their nearby Blockbuster."

Keyes continues, "Through our planned integration of stores by mail, vending, kiosks, digital services, we intend to utilize a centralized customer database to realize supply chain efficiencies and ultimately to deliver a superior customer experience."


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