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Industry News - June 4th 2010



Motorola Introduces Advanced Data Capture Scanners

Motorola introduces new advanced data capture solutions designed to streamline and everyday processes across multiple industries. Motorola’s DS6878 cordless imager series and DS6707-HC handheld imager help enterprises increase operational efficiencies and reduce errors. 

As part of Motorola's general-purpose scanning portfolio, the DS6878 cordless imager series, including the DS6878-SR and DS6878-DL, are built on Motorola's SE4500 scan engine for rapid data capture performance. The DS6878 series includes Bluetooth technology for cordless scanning across multiple environments such as at the point of sale (POS), returns desk, entrance gate or check-in counter, and comes in two models:

· DS6878-SR: This general-purpose cordless imager can capture all common bar codes, including 1-D, 2-D and PDF417, on labels and mobile phone displays. When paired with the hands-free presentation cradle, it can also capture and transfer images, documents and signatures. This model is designed for POS purchase transactions, mobile loyalty and couponing programs, electronic record-keeping, event-ticket tracking and airline boarding-gate ticket verification. 

· DS6878-DL: This model offers all the features and functionality of the DS6878-SR with the addition of a parsing agent to read United States driver's licenses. This device enables processing of applications for age verification, returns monitoring and auto-population of credit and loyalty card applications. 

Other advanced features include optical character recognition (OCR) functionality to capture actual text in documents, as well as magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology to capture the numeric information on the bottom of checks to turn paper checks into electronic debit transactions. The DS6878 series is also IP43 sealed and includes omni-directional and motion tolerance for better scanning performance on virtually any type of bar code, even poor quality and damaged bar codes.


Multi-Functional Self-Service Kiosk Printer Encodes Unique Characters

A self-service kiosk printer from Zebra Technologies prints transactiona receipts used for couponing, recipes, bill payment and self-ordering. The KR403 kiosk receipt printer, the first product in Zebra's KR400 series, also offers unicode-compliant encoding for international character printing and includes GS1 barcodes required in retail. 
The KR403 incorporates a retract-and-retain function to protect customers' private information by retracting any printouts left behind. Automatic remote alerts also perform diagnostic tests to help keep the kiosk up and running


POS Printer Designed for High-Speed Retail Environments

A POS printer from Seiko Instruments features space saving design and fast performance for high-volume retail environments. The RP-B10 direct thermal receipt printer outputs 2-inch and 3-inch wide, 203 dpi receipts at 200 millimeters per second. The small-format RP-B10 offers standard, vertical, and wall-mount options and a choice of USB and serial interfaces. It also includes anti-locking and auto-recovering cutter design. The printer incorporates driver software for Windows (Windows XP/Vista), a comprehensive software development kit (SDK), and printer configuration options that permit retailers to add logos, coupons, and monitoring.


Dazzling Digital Display Morphs Shopper's Faces

A digital display morphs shoppers' faces into Na'vis from the blockbuster hit Avatar at The Grove Mall in Los Angeles. The dazzling digital showcase, fromInwindow Outdoor, features three 'morphing stations' and one large-scale video wall. As shoppers approach the screens, Inwindow's technology captures their image and transforms them into a Na'vi. Once the morph is complete, users can enter their e-mail address via touchscreen and are sent a video of their transformation along with information on where to purchase the Blu-ray disc.


Oco Releases On-Demand SaaS BI 4.0

Oco upgrades its Software-as-a-Service business intelligence (SaaS BI) solution which provides turn-key integration of data from SAP applications, multi-national deployments as well as and embedded SaaS BI "mash-ups."

Oco 4.0 features: 
Enhanced Global Deployment - Oco 4.0 features new performance and usability enhancements that support global use of the system on a 24x7 basis without interruptions for system administration and data loading. The solution also automatically alerts users in real-time if a report they are viewing has been outdated by a new data upload. Oco also supports multi-byte, multi-national character sets for reporting on internationalized data from any geography. 

Enterprise SaaS BI "Mash-Up" Support - Single sign-on enhancements help enable customers to integrate Oco with other enterprise web applications. Content from external systems (such as maps, calendars, images) can be integrated into Oco dashboards to create engaging new BI solutions. 

Turn-Key SAP Data Integration - One of the major enhancements in Oco 4.0 is the introduction of the Oco Data Exporter for SAP, which integrates SAP data into a SaaS BI solution. Oco Data Exporter for SAP extracts the original data from SAP ERP and SAP CRM instances - even those that have been highly customized - and transport it into the Oco cloud-based analytical data store for on-demand BI reporting and analysis. 

The Oco Data Exporter for SAP is compliant with SAP customers' network and application security policies: It is read-only, and pushes data outbound to Oco, protecting it with strong encryption. No inbound network paths are required.


Walmart Rolls Out New Financial System

Walmart recently implemented a new financial system and announced it would revise its methodology for valuing inventory under the retail method of inventory accounting.

The implementation's first stage was at ASDA, the retailer's UK subsidiary. The second stage was in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, was implemented starting May 1, 2010. 

"We've improved our ability to measure inventory at more granular levels," said Carol Schumacher, VP of Investor Relations, Walmart. "The systems change will better align the accounting for inventory components with how the merchants run their businesses. As a result, the aggregation of certain inventory groups now occurs at lower levels, which produces a different cost valuation for the affected inventory."


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