NMR100 TCP/IP enabled magstripe reader

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NMR100 Networked Card Reader

The SST NMR100 is a wall-mountable magstripe card reader with built-in RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP interfaces. It is ideal for door access, labor tracking and time-and-attendance systems.

In its simplest form, the SST NMR100's internal memory can be programmed with a list of authorized users and associated schedules, and it can operate as a standalone access control system. Its internal memory can also be programmed to store a record of which user was granted or denied access, as well as when.

For larger or more demanding installations, one or more SST NMR100's can be connected to a host computer, using any of the built-in interfaces. The access log can then be downloaded, either periodically or in real-time, to the host computer. New users can be added or removed from any of the readers over this same connection, and any of the internal settings can be changed in a similar manner. Up to 126 readers can be connected through the RS485 connection, and since each NMR100 gets its own IP address, the TCP/IP connection can support a virtually unlimited number of units.

Installation is easy, using standard modular plugs, and the TCP/IP connection allows for direct connection to a LAN. Power can be provided either locally, or over one of the modular cables. A built-in relay allows activation of a door strike, turnstile gate or similar device, and two sense inputs can be used for connection to door contacts, push-to-exit buttons or motion detectors. Two independent 64K memory buffers allow the unit to easily support and log 5000 users (using 8 digit ID), and all LCD messages are programmable over any of the interfaces.

NMR100 TCP/IP Enabled Card Reader Features

  • Multiple interfaces: RS232, multidrop RS485 & TCP/IP

  • Tracks 1 & 2 with timestamp

  • Stand-alone operation or networked operation

  • 100 schedules

  • Each reader can have its own IP address

  • Dual line LCD display with backlight (16 chars per line)

  • Emulates IBC STA and J series readers

  • Internal user list: 64K bytes battery backed

  • Internal access log: 64K bytes battery backed

  • Can be used on the same network as the NBR100 (barcode reader)


User list memory  64K bytes battery backed SRAM

Access log memory  64K bytes battery backed SRAM

Display  2 line by 16 character LCD with backlight, programmable messages

Time display  Selectable: line 1 or line 2 of display

Indicators  Red LED, Green LED, Amber LED, beeper - all programmable

Network enabled  Yes- TCP/IP 10base-T and RS485 (max 126 readers on RS485)

Password protection  Yes- separate passwords for TCP/IP & RS232

Card type  ISO 7811 compliant magnetic media

Tracks  1 and 2

Card thickness  0.010" to 0.050"

Bit density  60 to 265 bits per inch

Swipe direction  Bidirectional

Swipe speed  2" to 50" per second

Operating temperature  0° to 60°C

Housing  ABS plastic with steel insert for card support

Color  Black

Size  5.25" L x 3.10" W x 1.75" D

Weight  8.5oz

Power requirements  10-30 VDC, unregulated, 150mA max

Input connections  2 inputs suitable for door contact or motion sensor

Relay  SPDT contacts rated 1A @ 30 VDC

Command set  Compatible with IBC STA and J type readers

Communications  TCP/IP (RJ45), RS485 (RJ45), RS232 (phono jack & cable to DB9)

SST NMR100 Pricing:

Model Price
NMR100 - 2 tracks, LCD display, TCP/IP, RS485 network, relay $750
TA reader software - runs on Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000 $25
Contact Manager software - address completion $199
Contact Manager Lite SW - no address completion $99
EasyID Reader software - for Windows 95, 98, XP $25
RS232 download cable - for all portables except TA32 $25

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Description Price  
NMR100 Networked Card Reader $750.00

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