ST1044 Stand Alone USB Smart Card Reader Writer

Smart Card Reader Writer

Decisive advantages

–USB connection

–Powerful stand-alone chip card reader

–With demo applications:

Cashcard Value Checker and GSM tool

–Simple installation

–1 light emitting diode (duo LED) as status display

–Suitable for the Blue Line series data input devices


Using the corresponding applications software, the Smart Card Reader can be used for home banking, digital signatures, Internet payments, access control, data encryption or Public Key Infrastructure (digital signatures at company level or cross-company).

Technical Data

–Dimensions:75 x 51 x 55 mm

–Weight:322.5 g

–Temperature range:

Storage temperature -20 C to +60 C

Operating temperature 0 C to +50 C

–Power supply:+5V/DC 5%

–Current consumption:

max.100 mA

Order code

ST-1044 UA




–Smart Card Terminal in accordance with PC/SC 1.0

–Contact position in accordance with ISO 7816/2

–Electrical features in accordance with ISO 7816/3 GSM 11.11

– MTBF:100,000 insertion cycles

– Transmission speed to the PC

UHCI 60 kbit/s

OHCI 1 Mbit/s

–Transmission speed to the card:

9,600 to 115,200 baud





Other protocols on request

Pin assignment

VCC Pos 1

-DATA Pos 2

+DATA Pos 3

Earthing Pos 4

Protective shield Shell

Smart Card Reader Writer Pin Assignment

Operating systems

Windows 98/ME, Windows

NT/2000,WinXP, Linux

Part # Description Price  


Smart Card Reader Writer; Lt. Gray & Black $59.00
or call (541) 601-8282 for more info.

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