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Why Automate


Why Automate Your Restaurant?

The benefits of automating your restaurant point of sale and store management operations are numerous and rewarding.

Have you ever thought about how you can make your restaurant operate more efficiently? Wouldn't it be nice to know why your sales and inventory do not match up? Why is your food cost percentage increasing while the sales and profitability figures hardly changed? Even worse, do you know if any of your employees are making mistakes in orders and inventory? Wouldn't you like to be able to enforce employee clock in and clock out schedules, and more precisely control all of your restaurant daily operations?

With a state of the art restaurant point of sale and store management software solution such as our Aldelo For Restaurants software, you will be able to easily address all of the above concerns, as well as many other issues that restaurants face daily.

Since all restaurants operate on a very low margin, every dollar saved will count toward the bottom line. A point of sale solution is a must if you wish to operate your restaurants at the maximum efficiency possible.

The investments in a point of sale system will yield far more returns and benefits, and save you time and money in the process!

Why Automate with Aldelo?

How do you select the right restaurant management software for your business? There are literally dozens of restaurant point of sale packages available on the market, but not all are created equal!

Since all of the competing packages state that they are super easy to use and feature rich, how would you select the right solution?

We believe that no matter how much we tell our potential customers that our software solution is one of the best, you as the end user should and must compare our software solution with the others for a more in depth analysis before committing your hard earned dollars to it. This way, at least you will know that you have made the right choice by selecting our software solution in the end.

According to a recent retail trade magazine's survey, only about 0.8% of the respondents had expressed somewhat interest in buying the next point of sale software that is DOS based, while almost 70-80% of the respondents expressed strong interest in buying a Windows based restaurant software solution.

Therefore, it is quite clear that you should be looking only at the Windows based restaurant software if you're interested in something that is not obsolete.

Additionally, with the availability of touch screens and light pens, any decent restaurant software solutions should provide you with 100% touch capabilities for their point of sale operations. It's just basic POS!

Aside from the DOS based solutions that may have already been obsolete, the problem with most of the Windows based restaurant software solutions is that they are either too expensive and only the biggest restaurant chains could afford them, or they simply lack all the necessary features to operate as a full fledged solution intended to simplify restaurant operation issues.

Some so called Windows based solutions have awkward interface designs that prohibit efficiency and ease of use. Additionally, some
solutions claim to be restaurant oriented, but really is just a cash register program! So, watch out for the differences, and check out their evaluation copy.

What you need is a total restaurant management software solution that is specific for your restaurant! Ease of use, no computer knowledge, powerful, feature rich, and affordable are the key points need to be addressed when you select your choice.

You don't have to be a Red Lobster, or McDonald's in order to have a state of the art solution for your establishment. Our Aldelo For Restaurants software could help you operate your restaurant more efficiently, while being affordable enough for all restaurant operators.

Aldelo For Restaurants software surpasses all of its competitors when you consider its super easy to use interface, powerful and feature rich for both the POS and back office, and a host of other numerous benefits.

Best of all, unlike other POS software that could cost you as much as four thousand dollars for a single station copy of software, Aldelo For Restaurants is affordable for even the smallest restaurant operators who wants to take the advantage of all these significant benefits, at the fractional cost of competing products' prices.

When selecting your restaurant point of sale software solution, you should make sure that you get a solution that is totally easy to use, flexible, feature rich, and powerful.

Modules such as frequent diner programs, inventory tracking, gift certificate tracking, customer credit tracking, customer tracking, and complete in house charge account system should all be inclusive to the package without additional cost, since these are significant features that will help your restaurant operations. (Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition includes all these modules for one low all inclusive price!)

Don't be lured into buying a software package that you think you've just got a great deal. Try its fully working demo first. If a company feels that their software is superior, and have nothing to hide, they should provide a complete and fully working copy for your evaluation, with no features or modules disabled!

Don't just look at the price of the software alone. Check out what you're actually buying. At Aldelo Corporation, we will provide you with a copy of our fully working trial version that you can simply download from this website free of charge. Best of all, this trial version is the same as full version with only the time limitation. We believe that this is the only way for you to make a 100% informed decision about our product. (Our demo download is the Pro Edition)

The primary goals of Aldelo For Restaurants software is to provide strong cash management, super easy screen layouts, and superior productivity support. We provide our users with a solution that is affordable, easy to use, flexible, feature rich, 100% Windows, and 100% touch operated. We also provide our users with extensive reporting capabilities, so that restaurant owners can get the most out of their investments. See for yourself with our fully working demo version.

Once you have evaluated our software solution, be sure to check out other restaurant packages available on the market, so that you may have a comparison between our software to our competitor's packages.

We believe that if you have compared our software against any other restaurant software on the market, you will see that Aldelo For Restaurants is much more superior in its capabilities and usability.

Key Features of Aldelo For Restaurants...

Cut Restaurant Losses

With our restaurant point of sale system, you will be able to prevent mistakes and thefts that may be occurring inside of your restaurant.

Aldelo For Restaurants will also help you save on the cost of operation associated with your establishment.

Just imagine the savings you will generate by using the lower cost roll paper as guest checks, and strictly enforcing employee time card clock in and clock out schedules.

Also, you will be increasing your profitability by preventing almost all employee mistakes, employee thefts, and much more.

In the example of guest check savings, if you have a fine dining restaurant that have an average daily volume of 150 guest checks, and you use the common G4900 series of paper guest checks that cost around four cents or more each. By using our software system that works with roll paper, you could save over $2100 annually by switching from the expensive paper check to the roll paper style guest checks that Aldelo For Restaurants uses!

That's just the beginning of numerous operating cost savings that you will receive by just operating more efficiently.

Now just imagine how much more you could save by preventing missing guest checks, mistakes due to server and kitchen miscommunications, more accurate time card clock in and clock outs, more accurate inventory level monitoring, being able to know if your food distributor is overcharging you based on inventory item price history, and much more.

In general, if you use Aldelo For Restaurants solution for your total restaurant management needs, you will increase your profitability and operate much more efficiently than all other systems that you may have already tried, whether paper based or computer based!

Simplify Daily Management

As a restaurant owner or general manager, have you ever wished that there was a system that could let you perform the end of day procedure as simple as the touch of a button?

Well, Aldelo For Restaurants software solution gives you this simplified daily closing procedure that you may have dream about! And there's more.

Instead of spending hours trying to match all of the paper guest checks' numbers, or if with some other POS systems that you need to go through awkward closing procedures, Aldelo For Restaurants will let you generate the daily closing report for any given date with the touch of a button. Anyone without any computer knowledge will also be able to do this easily.

In less than a second, you will have your closing report for the specified date. It will show you all the detailed sales information, as well as numerous activities that may have occurred in you restaurant for the day that you may want to know about!

Wouldn't you like to save the tedious steps of going through the day's tickets?

Aldelo For Restaurants will be able to help you do that easily and effortlessly. But this is just one of the features that will help you get more done while spending less time.

Faster Kitchen & Bar Response

Faster kitchen or bar response means better customer service, which may in turn generate more sales for the restaurant by satisfying the customers.

With a paper based system, faster kitchen or bar response is much harder to accomplish!

Just imagine all the foot traffic from the dining room to the kitchen or bar, and the illegible hand written orders - a big cause of kitchen mistakes!

In addition, if the restaurant has two or more kitchen departments, it will be even harder to accomplish faster kitchen
response time.

With Aldelo For Restaurants software, your servers will no longer need to rush to the kitchen or bar to notify the orders anymore.

All ordered items will be correctly routed to the appropriate remote kitchen or bar printers automatically. In addition, if your restaurant does volume take outs, a separate copy could be sent to a dedicated packager printer!

This capability will eliminate the need for any foot traffic to and from the kitchen or bar, as well as eliminating sloppy hand writing!

As a result, it greatly increases your restaurant's kitchen and bar response time! Making many more customers satisfied and keeping them returning with a smile.

Better Customer Service

Customers now days are demanding more and more in term of service & quality. With the ever increasing competition, you can't simply rely on good food and regular service alone anymore.

In order to keep your current customers satisfied, you will need to offer different marketing plans such as the frequent diner programs or the in house charge account services.

By offering your customers more, you will be able to attract and keep customers that are both new or returning. Knowing about your customers is also a key part to success.

The most important asset of a restaurant is your customers. So, using Aldelo For Restaurants software's built-in customer tracking features will help you control and provide better customer service easily.

With Aldelo For Restaurants, you will be able to review customers' order history. You will be able to track customers' credits. You will be able to track customers' delivery information. You will be able to start offering frequent diner programs. You will be able to start offering in house charge accounts for your best customers. You will be able to generate reports to find out which customers are big spenders, and which customers have not spend lately in your restaurant. You will also be able to track any customer who may have given your restaurant trouble in the past. You will be able to automatically duplicate the customer's prior orders and issue new orders quickly. You will be able to set warning flags about customers who have bounced checks in the past. You may also use the integrated caller ID feature to automatically recall the customer information as well as last order before you even pick up the telephone! And much more.

All of these features give you the power and flexibility to better serve your customers. It's not just the ability to keep the information, but Aldelo For Restaurants also give you the ability to retrieve the information quickly.

For example, if you have issued a credit to a customer. When that customer calls back for a carry out or delivery order. After you enter his/her phone number, the customer information screen will flash with a bright green "Credit" button to alert you that this customer has an open credit available for use. Also, if the customer said "I want the same thing as I ordered last time", you can quickly duplicate any previous orders from this customer's order history with the touch of a button.

If you offer delivery service, Aldelo For Restaurants integrated delivery module give you state of the art delivery tracking and ordering capabilities, at the touch of a button!

No longer will you need to ask the customer's address and instructions every time they call. You will also be able to tell your customer how long the driver has left for the delivery, and what time they left at!

All of these features will be especially hard to accomplish with a paper based system or another POS solution. But with Aldelo For Restaurants, you will be able to achieve these goal easily!

Greater Professionalism

A stylish POS system will add greatly to the atmosphere of your restaurant environment!

Contrary to common believes, customers do pay attention to your restaurant's new fixtures and atmosphere. Otherwise, why would the restaurants remodel!

In addition, the guest check that you present to your customers will show the purchases and other information clearly.

No longer will your customers see your servers' hand written tags or scratch marks.

You may also include your restaurant sales promotional messages on your guest checks.

Greater professional image of your restaurant makes your valued customers feel that you have spent investments to promote customer relations.

Greater Professionalism

By improving the efficiency of your restaurant operations, you will increase your bottom line.

Since the restaurant industry works on a very low profit margin, every dollar saved will count toward your bottom line.

With Aldelo For Restaurants, you will operate much more efficiently. All the savings that you will generate by using Aldelo For Restaurants will add to the percentage of your profitability!

Simplify your restaurant operations today with Aldelo For Restaurants.

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