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Aldelo For Restaurants - Point of Sale Software Solution For Your Busy Restaurant Establishment!  Affordable, Easy To Use, Feature Rich.

Pre-Sale FAQ

The following is a list of most frequently asked pre-sale questions regarding our Aldelo For Restaurants software solution.

If you have a question that is not listed in this page, then please contact us to ask your question.

  • Which touch screen monitor or LCD do you recommend?
    We recommend the ELO AccuTouch 5 Wire Analog Resistive touch screen monitor or LCD display, with serial interface. The CRT monitor could be as small as 14 inches, and the LCD monitor could be as small as 11.3 inches. Additionally, the monitor must support 800 by 600 pixels screen resolution.
  • Which printer do you recommend for printing guest checks?
    We recommend the Epson TM-T88II or Epson TM-T88III Parallel Interfaced thermal receipt printer as your guest check printer. These printers are fast and quiet, and is suitable for any restaurant environments. Be sure to order the Parallel Interface models, as these are much easier to setup and maintain. (Our software does support serial printers as well)
  • Which printer do you recommend for printing kitchen/bar copies?
    For kitchen/bar printing, we recommend the use of any of the following printers: Epson TM-U200 series, Epson TM-T88II, Epson TM-T88III, and the Star SP300 Series. Be sure to order the Parallel Interface models, as these are much easier to setup and maintain. (Our software does support serial printers as well)
  • What do I do if I need to print to a Parallel Printer over 25 feet of distance?
    If you need to print to a parallel interface printer that is located 25 feet or more from the computer or print server's parallel port, then you need to use a parallel port extension device.
  • Which cash drawer do you recommend with your software?
    We recommend using printer driven cash drawers, since these are cheaper and is easier to install. When ordering your printer driven cash drawer, make sure you order the cash drawer that is designed to open your specific printer model or type. For example, if you have an Epson Printer, then you MUST get an Epson Type Printer Driven Cash Drawer. Otherwise, your cash drawer will never open! Some of the popular cash drawer brands are MS Cash Drawer, MMF Cash Drawer, ICD Cash Drawer, APG Cash Drawer, and others. (Our software does support serial cash drawers as well)
  • Which customer pole display do you recommend?
    We recommend a customer pole display that supports the ULTIMATE MODE. The customer pole display MUST BE serial interface. Some popular choices are the EMAX and HPC line of pole displays that support the ULTIMATE MODE command set.
  • Is there any All-In-One touch system that you recommend?
    The Mercury All-In-One Terminals have been fully tested and certified to run our software - In general, any all-in-one system that is open PC architecture based and meets our hardware requirements should work with our software. But, to save you time, we recommend selecting any one of the all-in-one terminals at for trouble free installs and operations.
  • What operating system does Aldelo For Restaurants support?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software runs under Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4.0 SP4 or later, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. However, for maximum reliability, we suggest using Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
  • What is the suggested computer hardware configuration?
    To optimally use our Aldelo For Restaurants software, we recommend that the POS computer has the following:
    # 850 MHz or higher CPU (From Intel, AMD, VIA or others)
    # 256 MB or higher RAM (512 MB RAM is recommended)
    # 1 GB or higher of free hard drive space (POS only)
    # 2 GB or higher of free hard drive space (Database Host)
    # Video display supporting 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution
    # Windows® 2000/XP Pro/WEPOS operating system
    # Enough serial and parallel ports for all your intended peripherals
    # 10/100 network interface card for local area network connection

  • What is the suggested network speed and network protocol?
    For maximum throughput, we recommend that your use 10/100BaseTX network hub or switch. Your computer Network Interface Card should also be either 10/100BaseTX or 100BaseTX. To connect your computers to the network hub, you should use Category 5 or better network cables. If you're having only two computers, you could also use a Cross Over Network Cable to save on the cost of a network hub. The network protocol that we recommend for your network is the TCP/IP protocol, it is more reliable and gives you better bandwidth control of your network traffic.
  • What is the difference between QuickPOS For Restaurant and Aldelo For Restaurants?
    Aldelo For Restaurants is the successor upgrade release to QuickPOS For Restaurant. Aldelo For Restaurants operating steps and program flow is pratically identical to that of QuickPOS For Restaurant. Users of QuickPOS For Restaurant will feel at home when they upgrade to our new Aldelo For Restaurant release. Since the two products have the same pricing schedule and functionality, with the exception of added capabilities and enhancements in Aldelo For Restaurants, we have discontinued the QuickPOS For Restaurant product line. Be sure to order Aldelo For Restaurants from your reseller or our sales associates.
  • Do I need a dedicated database server to run your software?
    Aldelo For Restaurants was designed to be affordable and flexible. Therefore, our software do not need a dedicated database server or the expensive Windows NT or Windows 2000 Server operating system! You can have your database locate on one of your POS computers to save costs. However, for installations of five or more computers, we do recommend a dedicated or semi-dedicated computer to host the database. Still, there is no need to invest in Windows NT or Windows 2000 Server operating system. You can save thousands!
  • Can I access an order that was written on another POS station?
    Yes. In a networked operating situation, all of your POS computers will link to a central database file located on one of the computers. Therefore, you have the ability to recall, settle, or operate any activities from any of the stations. (Some limitations may apply in order to prevent unnecessary mistakes)
  • Do I need to shut down all the POS computers to enter back office data?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software operates at real time, meaning that you don't have to shut down POS computers in order to enter back office data. For example, if you added or changed menu item prices at the back office, your POS stations will auto reflect the changes when they start a new order.
  • Can you tell me more about your credit card processing interface?
    Aldelo For Restaurants currently interface with Go Software's PC Charge Credit Card processing software. Our software DOES NOT actually handle the credit card processing, but rather collect your credit card information and then pass it to PC Charge for the actually draft capture. Our interface to PC Charge will ONLY process credit card sales transactions. For all other processing needs, such as Credit Card Voids, Credit Card Refunds, Credit Card Batch Outs, ATM Debit Capture, or Check Guarantee services, you will need to use these features directly from PC Charge software itself. As a further note, we DO NOT PROVIDE any technical support service on PC Charge software. (Tip: PC Charge software should only be installed on the computer that will do the dialing. DO NOT install PC Charge software or the PC Charge client software on any other POS computers. Additionally, DO NOT put the PC Charge software in the Restaurant Mode.)
  • What is your software support, update, and upgrade policy?
    We automatically provide our end users with up to 30 days of free software support service via telephone or email. This free support period starts with the first support telephone or email incident after product registration. All issues are considered support unless they are related to sales inquiries. We can only provide support on our software products. For third party software or hardware support, you must contact the appropriate vendor instead. The free support does not include any software updates or upgrades. To continue to receive telephone or email support, the end user must purchase an annual support contract. Support contract is required for each restaurant location, therefore, restaurant location that does not have support contract won't receive any support service. As an added benefit, with our annual support contract, you will also receive an online user name and password to download any new updates and upgrades on our software free of charge. (Same major version only, downloadable during your support contract period)
  • What kind of Card Swipe Reader, MICR Reader, & Barcode Reader does your software support?
    Aldelo For Restaurants supports keyboard interface magnetic card swipe reader track 1+2, keyboard interface MICR check reader, and the keyboard interface barcode reader. One particular combo device that we recommend is the MagTek MSR/MICR mini combo reader, it combines the card swipe reader and MICR check reader in one.
  • Does your software natively provide PMS or accounting interface?
    Aldelo For Restaurants does not currently provide native interface to any Hotel/Motel PMS interface or any accounting interface directly. However, our software does allow you to export the back office reports into tab delimited text files. Additionally, our software database is open architecture based on the MS Jet 3.51 engine format, so any third party can write an utility to import or export data to and from our database much easier. (Note: We do not provide any programming support on third party import/export)
  • Does your software provide inventory management capabilities?
    Aldelo For Restaurants Pro edition offers complete inventory management capabilities. For example, features such as menu item recipe composition, food costing analysis reports, purchase orders, physical inventory counts, automatic inventory depletion based on sales, vendor item UPC entry, inventory barcode batch download, inventory shopping list, and more are all inclusive in the Aldelo For Restaurants Pro edition.
  • What kind of restaurants is your software suitable for?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is suitable for all restaurants and hospitality establishments. Our customers include family restaurants, buffet restaurants, fast food restaurants, sports bars, cafeterias, coffee shops, cafes, fine dining restaurants, steak houses, pizza parlors, ice cream shops, sandwich shops, breakfast rooms, club houses, mexican restaurants, chinese restaurants, italian restaurants, thai restaurants, indian restaurants, pubs, restaurants with gift shop, truck stops, sea food restaurants, bars and taverns, japanese restaurants (w/ special hibachi seating support), and more.
  • I have a small gift shop with my restaurant, can your software handle gift shop situations?
    Aldelo For Restaurants Pro edition has a special tool for restaurants with a gift shop or a wine shop for example. You can enter the UPC barcode of the item that you wish to sell in the menu item definition screen. Then, you can activate the Barcode Scan Order Entry screen for a specific order type to perform all your gift shop ordering quick and easy. For example, once configured, you can scan the UPC on your product, and the software will automatically order that item, it's that simple!
  • Does your software offer delivery tracking features?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software offers complete delivery tracking support. The following are some of the delivery tracking features: Complete customer address and order history tracking, driver departure tracking, driver arrival tracking, driver money drop capability, visual map integration with MS Streets & Trips 2001, map code lookup support, delivery driver timing and route status report, and more.
  • Does your software offer visual table layout, hostess, & reservation features?
    Aldelo For Restaurants Pro edition includes visual table layout, hostess and reservation features. The hostess feature will allow a hostess to start a new dine in order for a server without knowing that server's access code. The reservation feature allows you to enter reservations anytime in the future you wish, and be able to specify seating preferences, guest count, who pays, occasion, additional notes, and other information. Additionally, our visual table layout screen has been improved to allow a much bigger table grid. Also, any unavailable tables will now be invisible, making your layout look much nicer. We also have table filtering capability with seating preference selection so that you'll know which table is available for service immediately!
  • Does your software offer multiple line Caller ID monitoring interface?
    Aldelo For Restaurants Pro edition offers interface to YES-TELE's caller ID monitoring box. The YES-TELE caller ID monitoring box support 2, 4, 6, and 8 line monitoring from one box. Our software will support up to 8 lines on a single computer. If you have multiple computers, and wish to receive the same signal at all other computers, you can use our software's TCP/IP transport support so that the caller ID information will be transported to the other computers automatically. This gives you up to 8 lines of monitoring on all your computer stations.
  • Tell me more about your multilingual features?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software supports 100% multilingual operations at both the POS and Back Office, with 100% of the user interface screens translated in the supported languages. The supported languages are currently English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

    Our software also support Follow Me Display Technology where your preferred language follows you! You can also configure your system so that your kitchen and/or bar will print either both the primary and secondary or secondary only menu item names.

    Aldelo For Restaurants is also international aware. This means our software will interprete your currency symbol, decimal symbol, date and time format, and other regional locale settings based on the Regional Settings that you have defined in Windows Control Panel.

    As a note, if you wish to read the Chinese languages, you must have Chinese Environment Software such as the TwinBridge installed on your English Windows operating system, or simply use a localized version of Windows, such as the GB Version of Windows or the Big5 Version of Windows. (Tip: Windows XP English Edition has built-in support for Chinese Input and Display)

    Our software is 100% true multilingual, where all the user screens will show in any of the supported languages. English is no longer a requirement to operate a restaurant point of sale system.
  • What is your products & services return policy?
    In order to protect our copyright and keep our operating costs low, ALL
    SALES OF OUR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS & SERVICES ARE FINAL AND IS NOT RETURNABLE FOR ANY REFUNDS. Also, for support contracts, once it has started, you may not cancel it afterwards for any refunds. If you are not sure if you want to use our software for your business, then we strongly recommend that you download our fully working evaluation copy of our software first. Our evaluation copy contains all the features and capabilities intact, giving you a 100% evaluation. Additionally, your software purchase is considered a license for you to use our software at your establishment only, therefore, it may not be transferred to another party normally.
  • How do I purchase your products & services?
    Our software products & services are sold directly from our inside sales team. If you're interested to purchase any of our products or services, please click here to go to our products & services sales page for more information.
  • What is the market coverage of your software?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software has installations worldwide. We have installations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Curaco, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Barbados, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Grand Cayment Islands, Great Britain, Philippines, Thailand, and many other countries. To see a small sample list of our customers and some of our customer testimonials, please click here...
  • Can Aldelo For Restaurants be installed in any country?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software could be installed in any country where their national language is one of our supported language packs.
  • Is there any hardware that you have certified to run with your software solution?
    Yes, in order to simplify customer's hardware selection process, we have created a certified hardware list.
  • What is the differences between your demo version and the full version?
    The Pro Version of Aldelo For Restaurants' demo and full versions are basically the same exact software, with the exception that the demo version will expire after 28 days of use or a pre-determined date. Other than that, it's basically the same software! This allows you to make a 100% informed decision after reviewing 100% of our software features and capabilities! (Note: Demo version cannot be rolled over to become a full version. To upgrade to full version, you must install from the full version CD or download)
  • Can you provide any existing customer contact information for reference?
    We value our customers' privacy rights. That's why we have instated our customer privacy policy. In another words, we are not able to provide customer contact information to others for the purpose of our own marketing efforts. This protects our customers' privacy and reduce unwanted calls. However, we do have customer testimonials and a small sample list of our customers that you may read about in the testimonials page. (Note: No contact information are provided in the testimonials page either)
  • Is there central data polling capability with your software?
    Aldelo Data Polling Utility software is the central data polling package that complements Aldelo For Restaurants. Our polling utility provides one direction transfer of data from your restaurants to your central office via Internet connection with email access. (Aldelo Data Polling Utility software is sold separately)
  • Can I sell, track, and redeem gift certificates globally at any one of my restaurant locations?
    Aldelo Central Gift Certificate Server is the software that will allow you to issue, track, and redeem gift certificates at any one of your restaurant locations via Internet access. At the restaurant end, you use the built-in gift certificate issuing and redemption features as usual, and our software will transparently communicate with the central server to keep information synchronized at real time.
  • Is there kitchen bump bar display support with your Aldelo For Restaurants software?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software has kitchen display & bump bar system support via third party interface. Microplus is a company that has built their Kitchen Display System to interface with our software solution.
  • What is the database back-end of your Aldelo For Restaurants software?
    Aldelo For Restaurants software version 2.5.x releases use MS Jet 3.51 database engine for its database access. The MS Jet 3.51 is MS Access 97 compatible, so you will be able to open our database with MS Access 97. (Password Required, Advanced Users Only) However, our POS software is 32-Bit natively compile, & is a stand-alone executable program that DOES NOT require MS Access 97 or any of its run time components installed on the same computer.
  • What is the maximum POS client stations that you recommend per each database file?
    We recommend that the Aldelo For Restaurants software version 2.5.x releases do not exceed the maximum of 12 connected point of sale licenses to a single database file.
  • How do I print chinese to the kitchen printer?
    To print chinese or any other far eastern languages to your printer, you must satisfy the following requirements: 1) You must have a graphic capable POS printer, such as the Epson TM-T88II, Epson TM-T88III, Epson TM-U200 Series, Star SP300 Series, Star SP2000 Series, or Star TSP Series; 2) You must install the printer in Windows Printer Folder with the printer driver provided by the printer manufacturer; 3) You have already entered the Chinese or other Asian Characters in the menu, and is visible from the on screen display, if not, check if your language environment software is running such as TwinBridge software. That's it!


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